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Practice Areas

Scot S. Farthing, Attorney at Law, P.C., Operates A Diverse Practice in Southwest Virginia and the New River Valley

Attorney’s Scot S. Farthing, Shane W. Hiatt, Robert T. “Bob” Copeland, and Donald W. “Don” Martin offer general representation and litigation services, as well as assistance with a broad range of other legal issues, including:

  • BANKRUPTCY – Once you decide that bankruptcy will be the most effective debt relief solution available, you and your attorney will determine together what type of bankruptcy is right for you.

  • COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE – Commercial real estate is a significant investment, so builders and developers are wise to protect themselves by seeking guidance from an experienced commercial real estate attorney.

  • BUSINESS FORMATION – We will discuss the nature of the project and your plans for making the project happen, help you understand what steps to take to protect yourself from unforeseen costs and disputes, and keep your project running on an even keel.

  • CORPORATE LAW – Legal guidance is essential for the success of any business. Scot S. Farthing, Attorney at Law, P.C., provides a full complement of services to businesses.

  • ESTATE PLANNING – Plan for your family’s future when the unexpected happens. If you’re not sure where to begin, turn to our offices.