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Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Bankruptcy is a right provided by law to people who are deeply in debt and in need of a fresh start. Bankruptcy will discharge many of your debts and you will not have to pay them except, in some cases, secured debts for the purchase of a particular item or debts on which you gave a mortgage or put up some other property as collateral.

The law allows you to keep some money and most types of essential necessities in bankruptcy. To receive this protection, it is important that you list all items asked for in the following questions: if you do not list an item, that item will not be protected in bankruptcy. You must also list everyone to whom you owe money. If you leave out one of your creditors, you may have to pay the money to that creditor or you may lose your right to bankruptcy. It may also be considered a crime if you intentionally give false information or leave out information. If you have any questions about whether you can keep certain property or whether you should list a debt, write that question down and remember to ask the lawyer. We know this questionnaire is long. Preparing your bankruptcy papers take a lot of time and a lot of information. If we work together on this, we can protect your family from a great hardship and give you the new start the law intends you to have.

Fill out EVERY question on all pages. Wherever you are given a choice of YES or NO on these forms, check either YES or NO, whichever is correct. Please fill out these pages as well as you can. We cannot file the bankruptcy papers unless we have ALL the requested information. Please call us if you don’t understand a question.

To download the Bankruptcy Questionnaire as a PDF file that you can print and fill out, click here.