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Corporate Law

Legal guidance is essential for the success of any business. Scot S. Farthing, Attorney at Law, P.C., provides a full complement of services to businesses. We assist new businesses with corporate and limited liability company (LLC) formation and offers general representation. In addition, we defend the rights of minority shareholders.

Minority Shareholder Rights

Though majority shareholders invest more in capital in a business, they do not have a right to oppress minority shareholders. Oppression actions against minority shareholders include:

  • Forcing minority shareholders off of the board of directors
  • Forcing minority shareholders out of their employment with the company
  • Withholding dividends from minority shareholders

When majority shareholders oppress minority shareholders, the minority shareholders have a right to seek compensation. We take swift action to obtain the compensation. At times these situations are volatile; our attorney’s navigate them efficiently to reduce conflict and achieve the best possible outcomes.