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Can Bankruptcy Stop Garnishments?

The ideal time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney is as soon as your debts become unmanageable. Leaving credit card balances unpaid or medical debts unresolved can lead to aggressive actions by creditors. Harassing phone calls are typical. Other aggressive actions may include wage garnishment and bank account garnishing or levies.

Losing access to your income or to your bank account is distressing, humiliating, debilitating and frightening for most people. However, hope is not lost if you act promptly. Even if garnishment has already taken place, you may be able to recover lost funds by filing bankruptcy within three weeks. For best results, contact Scot S. Farthing Attorney at Law, PC, in Wytheville or Christiansburg before wage or bank account garnishment or very soon afterward.

The automatic stay is a legal function triggered by a bankruptcy filing. Once the automatic stay is in place, creditors are forbidden by the bankruptcy court from taking actions to collect debts. This means they are powerless to take money from you through wage garnishment or bank account garnishment.

Learn How Filing Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishment

Scot S. Farthing Attorney at Law, PC, in Wytheville or Christiansburg can answer key questions about bankruptcy and garnishment with direct application to your individual circumstances. Discuss your concerns with an experienced Virginia bankruptcy lawyer. What you learn may bring the immediate relief that you need at this time of financial uncertainty. Email the law firm or call for a prompt response.

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